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A non-electric bidet seat that is hygiene for cleansing method that do not require batteries or electricity. It works on your home’s fresh water supply. With a lever control dial the water pressure and temperature is easily adjustable. UC 1000 fulfills every cleansing need at an advantageous price with easy installation and no additional plumbing or electrical requirements.

  • Soft Closing Seat & Lid
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Posterior wash
  • Feminine wash
UC-1000 Dimensions

Model UC-1000 Blizz + UComfort Elite


We also sell product in packages / bundles. The package contains the toilet bidet seat and commode. In this package we include , UC-1000 Blizz and Commode - UComfort Elite.

Product NameProduct Price
Seat PriceRs 6,499.00
Commode PriceRs 8,999.00

Model UC 1000

UC-1000 Blizz

UComfort Elite

UComfort Elite

Package Price Rs 15,498.00