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With striking similarities to its sibling, the Supreme UC 3000, the Prestige UC 3000 is the premier side control panel luxury bidet seat model. It comes packed with all luxury features made available on the easy to use side panel. Space-saving, attractive, and built to last- the UC 3000 advanced bidet toilet seat has all the features you could want and more.


  • Posterior Wash
  • Feminine Wash
  • Adjustable Water Temperature & Pressure
  • Enema Wash (Patented Nozzle)


  • Deodorizing System (Automatic)
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Self Cleaning Nozzle (Automatic)
  • Water Purifying Filter


  • Soft Closing Lid & Seat
  • Built-in Pressure Pump Motor
  • 5-Step Adjustable Nozzle
  • Heated Seat (Adjustable Temperature)
  • Energy Saving (Power Saving)
  • Easy Installation & Removal


  • Ultra Sonic Vibration Soldered Seat
  • Occupied Seat Sensor
  • Electrical Leakage Breaker (ELB)
Water inlet type:Direct inlet flow type
Water inlet pressure:0.4~7.5 kgf/cm2(5.69 psi~106.7 psi)
Power cord:1.5 m
Posterior/Feminine wash:Max.700cc/min +/- 150cc/min.
Adjustable pressure :5 Levels
Water temperature:Room temp ~40.C (104.F)
Water heater:600W
Water heating safety:Thermal fuse,Thermal switch,Float switch
Heated seat temp:Room temp ~41.C (105.8.F)
Seat heater:55W
Seat heating safety:Thermal fuse
Warm air dry temp:Room temp~45.C (113.F)
Dry heater:250W
Dry heating safety:Thermal fuse, Bi-metal
Inlet water temp:3.C ~ 35 .C (37.4 .F ~ 95 .F)
Ambient temperature:3.C ~ 40.C (37.4.F ~ 104.F)
Dimension (W X L X H):Elongated : W: 475mm x L : 525mm x H : 185mm
Gross Weight :7.9 kgs
Power rating :230 Vac, 50 Hz, 660 W, (120 Vac, 60 Hz, 660 W)
  1. CE Certificate
  2. GS (Germany Standard) & TUV Certificate
  3. IEC. CB Test Certificate
  4. UL Approval Certificate
  5. FCC Approval (USA)
  6. Russia GOST-R (Electric Safety)
  7. South Africa Electric Safety
  8. U.K. Water Approval (Water Mark)
  9. Russia GOST-R (Hygenic Safety)
UC-3000 Dimension

Model UC-3000 + UComfort Elite


We also sell product in packages / bundles. The package contains the toilet bidet seat and commode. In this package we include , UC-3000 and Commode - UComfort Elite.

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Seat PriceRs 33,999.00
Commode PriceRs 8,999.00

Model UC 3000


UComfort Elite

UComfort Elite

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